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Hunters Sharing the Harvest

Hunters Sharing the Harvest

From October 15 to December 15, the Alberta Hunters Sharing the Harvest program accepts donations of big game meat for the Food Bank. Game meat provides an excellent source of quality organic protein.

Hunters and outfitters can drop of their animal at any of the participating meat processors:

  • Ryan’s Meats – Calgary, Alberta
  • Sandy View Farms – Spruce Grove, Alberta
  • Vermilion Packers – Vermilion, Alberta
  • Country Meat Market – Wainwright, Alberta
  • First Choice Sausage & Meats – Sundre, Alberta
  • Savory Meats – Sundre, Alberta
  • Kerik’s Meat Market – Olds, Alberta

If you are interested in sharing your harvest, you need to follow the following requirements:

  • Deer, elk or moose are the only game eligible to be donated.
  • Animals must be field dressed immediately after harvest. The heart, lungs and liver must accompany the carcass in separate appropriate container including the hunter’s tag number. Any abnormal tissues found must also be noted and brought in to the meat processor for examination.
  • If the animal is skinned, it must be wrapped in a clean, porous covering during transportation to a meat processing facility.
  • The carcasses must be transported to a participating meat processing plant within 24 hours of harvest. No completely frozen carcasses will be accepted.

This program is run by volunteers. If you are interested in expanding the program or assisting as a regional lead, please email The primary cost for program is the cost of processing the meat. These costs are covered through donations from Alberta Safari Club International, the Alberta Professional Outfitters Association (APOS), the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), the Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA) and the Minister's Special Licence Fund. Hunters or outfitting clients who wish to contribute financially can do so through any of these organizations.

Further information is available on the 24-hour Information Line at 1-780-443-6006 or in the Alberta Hunter Regulations.