Guide of the Year Awards
The Guide of the Year Award is presented annually to a guide that demonstrates professionalism, positivity, knowledge, and competence in the field. Nomination forms are available here.

Outfitter of the Year Award
The Outfitter of the Year Award is presented annually to an outfitter for their professionalism, ethics, and commitment to the outfitting industry in Alberta. Nomination forms are available here.

Service Award
The Service Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to serving the outfitting industry, either in their role as a staff of the Government of Alberta or through a connection otherwise.

Legacy Awards
The Legacy Awards were established to celebrate the long term commitment members have to the outfitting industry within Alberta. A career in outfitting has its ups and downs, and requires sacrifice, patience, and resilience. Legacy Awards recognize two milestones – 20 years of service and 40 years of service. Nomination forms are available here.

APOS is proud to congratulate the following outfitters for their commitment to the outfitting industry:

  • Shawn Wasel (Shawn Wasel) – 20 years
  • Merv Purshke (Buck Mountain Outfitters) – 20 years
  • Eric Rauhanen (Silver Fox Outfitters) – 20 years
  • Gene Plihal (Plihal’s Frank Lake Guiding and Outfitting) – 40 years
  • Randy Vezeau (Sand River Outfitting) – 20 years
  • Roy Thompson (Magnum Outfitters) – 40 years
  • Darren Daniel (Darren Daniel) – 20 years
  • Steve Overguard (Overall Outfitting/Big Bear Country Outfitting) – 30 years
  • Charlie Stricker (Stricker Outfitting) – 40 years

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