Guide of the Year Awards
The Guide of the Year Award is presented annually to a guide that demonstrates professionalism, positivity, knowledge, and competence in the field. Nomination forms are available here.

Year Name
2023 Ben Brochu
2022 Noah Salsbury
2021 Trevor Barns
2019 Jordan Clark
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Outfitter of the Year Award
The Outfitter of the Year Award is presented annually to an outfitter for their professionalism, ethics, and commitment to the outfitting industry in Alberta. Nomination forms are available here.

Year Name
2023 Corey Jarvis
2022 Jason Dyck
2021 Lloyd McMahon
2019 Stuart Sinclair-Smith
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Service Award
The Service Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to serving the outfitting industry, either in their role as a staff of the Government of Alberta or through a connection otherwise. Nomination forms are available here.

Year Name
2021 Gordon Burton
2018 Ken Nowicki
2017 Andy Boyd
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Big Game Awards
Scorekeeping is an important part of our hunting heritage, and a valuable tool for conservation and wildlife management. Organizations like the Pope and Young Club and the Boone and Crockett Club have been collecting wildlife records for many years. These records tell stories about the health of a population, as high scores represent mature animals and balanced age-class structures in healthy populations. Records build a timeline of both positive and negative trends in wildlife health.
The ongoing presence of “trophy quality animals” is a wildlife stewardship triumph that should be celebrated by hunters, outfitters, and the general public. Members of APOS can submit their Trophy Award at no cost by providing a B&C or P&Y scoresheet, along with the nomination form, available here. For more information on the entry criteria, please email

2022 Recipients
Name Species Score
Blake Shmyr Black Bear 20 9/16
Jonas Guinn Bighorn Sheep 168 6/8
Chad Stryker Mule Deer Non-Typical 206
McNeice Outfitters American Elk Non-Typical 330 2/8
Byron Stewart/Warren Lees Cougar 15 4/16
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Industry Pioneer Award
Industry Pioneer Award The Industry Pioneer Award was established in 2022 to recognize those who have provided leadership within the industry to mentor others in their guiding and outfitting careers.Nomination forms are available here.

Year Name
2023 Troy Foster
2022 Jeremy Hatala

Legacy Recognition Program
The Legacy Recognition Program was established to celebrate the long-term commitment members have to the outfitting industry within Alberta. A career in outfitting has its ups and downs, and requires sacrifice, patience, and resilience. The Program recognize two milestones – 20 years of service and 40 years of service. Nomination forms are available here.

2021-2022 Recipients
20 Years 40 Years
Graham Bridgen
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