Species available to hunt in Alberta

Choose Alberta for your Cougar Hunt

Alberta possesses the largest subspecies of cougar on the continent and, as a result, Alberta consistently enters numerous cougars to the annals of the Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young record books.

Search for Fresh Tracks

A recent snowfall is best.

A cougar hunt in Alberta usually begins with the search for a fresh track. For this reason optimum conditions require a recent snowfall.

Cougar country in Alberta is found in the foothill/mountain zones throughout the western part of the province.

Cougar population densities are related to prey population. Deer, moose and elk numbers (the cougar’s most common prey) are experiencing all time highs and their health is reflected by the population densities of the associated predators.

Cougar season in Alberta occurs from December 1 through the end of February and few locales are without snow for very long during this period.

Once a suitable track is found and the dogs are released, the fun begins! Once overtaken, cougars may not accommodate your expectations and simply climb the nearest tree. Even with a treed cougar a few meters away, only a neophyte would believe in a for-gone conclusion.

Top Ten in Alberta: Cougar

# Score Year Owner
1 16 1/8 2005 Joseph Gore Jr.
2 16 1999 T.Klassen & J.D. Gordon
3 16 1973 Walter L. Weller
4 15 15/16 1999 Roy LePage
5 15 3/4 1954 Edward D. Burton
6 15 2/3 2018 Nicklaus Jaggi
7 15 2/3 1985 John E. Cassidy
8 15 5/8 2006 Timothy R. Gazankas
9 15 1/2 1965 Edward D. Burton
10 15 1/2 2008 Brice D. Folden

* Indicates taken with a bow

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