White-tailed Deer

Species available to hunt in Alberta

Choose Alberta for your White-tailed Deer Hunt

Alberta is home to three of the top ten typical and non-typical deer ever taken; no other single state or province on the continent has more deer on the list.

Alberta has one of the highest percentages of trophy-class bucks within the population of any jurisdiction in North America!

Biggest Deer You've Seen

Spend a week hunting whitetails in Alberta and you might not see the numbers of deer that you would down south, but chances are that you will see the biggest deer you’ve ever laid eyes on!

Whitetails have successfully adapted to a broad range of habitat types in Alberta. In the southern part of the province, prairie whitetails thrive in river bottoms, slough margins and any other “islands” of habitat they can find.

In the central aspen parkland of the province, clumps of aspen forest ranging in size from a few acres to a couple hundred conceal big bucks who take great advantage of the abundant food resources provided by crops on the surrounding farmland.

Further north, and in the western foothills, the boreal forest transition zone offers deer the safety of spruce/aspen forests dissected by numerous cut blocks, roads, cutlines and the more extreme areas of agricultural production.

Hunting Tactics

Hunting tactics are highly variable in Alberta.

This is due to a wide diversity of circumstances including weather, fitness of the hunter, timing of your hunt in relation to the rut, habitat type and personal preferences of the outfitter.

While ground blinds and treestands continue to be effective choices, a spot and stalk approach can be highly productive for trophy deer, as can still-hunting when ground cover conditions are favorable. Another time-tested technique for rooting out midday bucks from cover is deer drives, “pushing bush” as it’s often referred to in western Canada. This tactic, while certainly challenging the shooting skills of the hunter on post, is a highly successful method for creating opportunities for harvesting huge bucks that might otherwise never show themselves.

Alberta white-tailed deer are a far cry in terms of size from some of those common to the southern and eastern U.S. The dacotensis subspecies native to Alberta is the largest bodied and largest antlered, of the many recognized subspecies of whitetails across North America. A mature buck in excess of 300 pounds is not at all uncommon, and some grow to be substantially bigger.

In Alberta, wherever there are whitetails, there are big whitetails!

Top Ten in Alberta: Typical Whitetailed Deer (1)

# Score Year Owner
1 204 2/8 1967 S. Jansen
2 200 1/8 2005 Eugene I. Kurinka
3 199 5/8* 1991 Don McGarvey
4 198 4/8 1981 Morris Kimball
5 197 5/8 2003 Jack Mast
6 197 3/8 1992 L. J. Youngman
7 192 7/8 1992 N. Trudeau
8 192 0/8* 1999 Jim Hole
9 191 7/8 2007 Jason G. Klaus
10 190 7/8 1997 R.J. Kowalyshyn

* Indicates taken with a bow

Top Ten in Alberta: Non-Typical Whitetailed Deer

# Score Year Owner
1 279 6/8 1991 Brad Gsell
2 277 5/8 1976 Doug Klinger
3 276 1/8 2007 Helgie Eymundson
4 267 7/8 1984 Jerry Froma
5 258 4/8 2006 Blair Cote
6 256 5/8 1993 Keith Hahmer
7 255 6/8 1998 Michael Braund
8 255 4/8 1973 Leo Eklund
9 254 2/8 1991 Mike Crustawka
10 252 6/8 1998 Don Brenneman

* Indicates taken with a bow

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