Bighorn Sheep

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Choose Alberta for your Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Why Choose Alberta? It’s home of the B&C #1, #2, #3, #4, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep world records and the P&Y #1 world record.

In 1911, the world record ram was shot by Fred Wyler and scores 208 1/8 Boone & Crockett. In 2000 Guinn Crousen topped the 90 year old record by 2/8”.

Packhorses & tent frame camps

Almost all sheep outfitting in Alberta is done in the old time style, with packhorses and tent frame camps. The exception is an archery-only zone near Canmore, where much of the hunting is easily accessed on foot. These November hunts can be bitterly cold. During the rifle season in September and October, most of the outfitters book 14-day hunts.

The seasoned sheep hunter knows that there will be long days in the saddle and that the climbing will be tough on legs and feet. It is absolutely essential to get the body in shape and it is probably just as important to toughen up the mind. A great attitude is important to survive a long hunt in the mountains.It takes long hours of looking to find sheep, and you have to resolve to hang around until as late as possible before leaving the mountain for camp. All the rules of safety must be observed and these preparations are as important as mental and physical conditioning.

A good mountain rifle is imperative. Probably more important are the hours spent fine-tuning your shooting skills and learning the trajectory of your chosen caliber. Judging distance in the mountains is never easy, but it will be a snap with the light pocket range finders now available.

Alberta is like Africa in that respect and after one trip here, most hunters simply have to return. This untouched landscape is beautiful, the Rocky Mountains and wild sheep are an irresistible draw.

Top Ten in Alberta: Bighorn Sheep

# Score Year Owner
1 208 3/8 2000 Guinn D. Crousen
2 208 1/8 1911 Clarence Baird
3 207 2/8 1924 Martin Bovey
4 206 3/8 1955 Gordon Magnussen
5 206 0/8 2007 Chad A. Meropoulis
6 204 4/8 1988 Alberta Government
7 203 4/8 1992 Katherine A. Pyra
8 202 2/8 1918 Tom Kerquits
9 202 1/8 2001 Guinn D. Crousen
10 202 0/8 1987 Alberta Fish & Wildlife
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