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Choose Alberta for your Wolf Hunt

Wolf populations are high throughout the Boreal, Foothills and Mountain Regions of Alberta. These wolves can reach 120 pounds in weight and vary in color from light gray to black.

Wolves may be hunted by the holder of a wolf license (a nominal fee) from the opening of any big game season until the end of the spring bear season.


Seasons, Rules & Regulations

Some outfitters offer winter wolf hunts, when the pelts are at their best, and no other hunting seasons are open. Baiting wolves is legal and effective. As well, during late February and early March, wolves can be “howled in” during the mating season.

There is no limit on wolves, but they are subject to CITES regulations. Hunters may not take their wolf trophy home with them, but must wait for the issuance of a CITES permit to have their trophy shipped.

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