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Choose Alberta for your Coyote Hunt

Coyotes are abundant in Alberta, especially in the prairie, parkland and foothills regions.

No Limit on Coyotes in Alberta

Pelts are best taken during the winter prime season.

There is no limit on coyotes in Alberta and pelts taken during the winter prime season are thick and well furred. In general, coyotes may be hunted year round on private lands and from October 1st until February 28th on public lands. During open big game seasons however, the coyote hunter must possess a big game license valid for that open season and management unit.

The serious coyote hunter should wait until the end of the big game season (usually Nov. 30) when pelts are at their best and other hunters not a field. A wolf /coyote license is required.

Top Ten in Alberta: Coyote

# Score Year Owner
1 22 9/16 1997 Jason Johansson
2 22 7/16 1999 Dan B. Pence
3 22 5/16 1983 Darren Daniel
4 22 5/16 2006 Kris Boivin
5 22 1/16 1992 Richard Raiwet
6 22 0/16 2005 Kevin D Martin
7 21 15/16 1999 Frank Royan
8 21 14/16 1983 Doug Shapka
9 21 14/16* 2009 Steve Eklund
10 21 13/16* 2000 D.D. Crowder

* Indicates taken with a bow

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