Stewardship & Community

Minister's Special Licences

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) has made Minister’s Special Licences (MSL) available.

MSLs are unique opportunities that provide a hunter with the ability to hunt the subject animal with broad location flexibility across Alberta during the hunting season. Funds derived through the sale of these opportunities go back into wildlife conservation and stewardship initiatives.


Chronic Wasting Disease

About CWD and Transmission

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is caused by a misfolded protein called a prion. All mammals produce normal prions that are used by cells, then degraded and eliminated, or recycled, within the body. When disease-associated prions contact normal prions, they cause them to refold into their own abnormal shape. Scientists believe that prions likely spread between animals through body fluids like feces, saliva, blood, or urine, either through direct contact or indirectly through environmental contamination of soil, food, or water. It is unknown how many years prions can survive in the environment but is suggested this could be into the double digits.


WMF Grants

Since 2008, APOS’ Wildlife Management Fund (WMF) has contributed over $1.1 million to wildlife stewardship and conservation projects throughout Alberta. Funded through the renewal fees paid by outfitters, the WMF contributes to a wide variety of projects including population surveys, species studies, management software and technology, and more.


Classroom Wildlife Education

The Alberta Professional Outfitters Society (APOS) is proud to offer a wildlife classroom education package. It is designed for Grades 3 through 6 and aligns with Alberta Education curriculum goals. The package explores wildlife identification, conservation efforts, Indigenous perspectives, and careers in fish and wildlife. Along with easy-to-follow lesson plans, an APOS member can be available to assist in the classroom at no charge.


Careers in Conservation Scholarship

This scholarship is being offered to post-secondary students enrolled in a fish and wildlife management program or related studies. This scholarship is intended to support the dreams and goals of those who are passionate about wildlife conservation and appreciative of the role played by hunters and outfitters. Successful candidates will be offered up to $1,000.


Wildlife Teeth Aging Program

In partnership with, the Wildlife Teeth Aging Program was launched in 2021 to compile information on the age of the animals harvested by guided clients.