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Outfitting in Alberta

Economic Contribution

Economic Contribution

The outfitting industry makes an important contribution to the Alberta economy, adding $105 million to total output, $58 million to GDP, and creating 460 FTE positions representing $24.4 million in wages, salaries and benefits in the pockets of Albertans. Across Canada, the outfitting industry is estimated to contribute an impressive $9.5 billion in economic output to the Canadian economy!

In addition, our industry in Alberta contributes $12.1 million in taxes to all levels of government.

Given the distribution of client-days based on origin, 91% of the value added to the Alberta economy is attributable to non-resident clients and an additional 4% to non-resident Canadian clients. This means that 95% of revenues from outfitting industry represent new money being spent in Alberta by visitors. Most of the revenues generated by the outfitting industry remain in Alberta. Our sector is regionally significant as an employer in smaller and more isolated communities.

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